The Future of Youth Orchestra

Fine-Tuning the Future: Addressing Physiological and Psychological Needs in Young Orchestral Musicians.

A project by the ‚ÖGfMM‘,  ‚Landesjugendorchester Hamburg‘ and ‚De Unges Orkesterforbund‘ partially supported by the EU

120 young musicians will participate in a 10-day summer music camp in Bodø, Norway, during August 2024, and will perform a concert in October 2024 at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. Our goal is to support the physical and psychological well-being and knowledge of health aspects among young orchestral musicians. We will evaluate several interventions and develop a new multimedia tool to re-experience the acoustic moments throughout the rehearsal. We aim to support young musicians by:  * Increasing awareness of hearing protection * Delivering tools for warming up and preparing for effective rehearsals or performances * Introducing mental training techniques * Optimizing practice routines. Furthermore, we aim to conduct research on: * Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) within youth orchestras * A pilot study on Virtual Reality Exposure Training * Developing a Soundscape Documentary

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