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ÖGfMM Symposium: Thursday 11th Saturday 13. April 2024 in Vienna

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Please note: Due to limited space, pre-registration for workshops is required starting March 11.

The Austrian Society for Music and Medicine (ÖGfMM) and the Department of Music Physiology at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts invite you. Thu. April 11 to 13, 2024 at the mdw Vienna

Welcome to the „Body, Mind & Music“ Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to Austria’s largest networking and training event, which addresses the multifaceted interfaces of music physiology, music psychology, musicians‘ medicine, music pedagogy, musicology, and the health of musicians. Celebrate Significant Anniversaries with Us

2024 marks a special year for us: We celebrate 50 years of music physiology at the mdw and 15 years of ÖGfMM. These anniversaries provide the perfect occasion for the BODY, MIND & MUSIC Symposium. Under the patronage of Martin Grubinger, the renowned Austrian multi-percussionist, we will explore various aspects of musical performance and the necessary competencies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Objectives & Key Themes of the Symposium

Our goal is to discuss the latest findings and developments in the health and well-being of musicians. We aim to contribute to captivating performances on stage and invite experts from various disciplines to present their research work. The symposium focuses on topics such as:

👉 Pedagogical approaches to promoting the health of performing artists and musicians.
👉 Prevention of overstrain in music-making.
👉 Physical and psychological health of musicians.
👉 Effects of music on the brain and body.
👉 The potential of music therapy.
👉 Technology and its impact on the health of musicians.

A comprehensive program with 10 keynotes, over 50 lectures, over 50 workshops, and over 20 spotlight posters!

Conference Leadership

  • Matthias Bertsch (President of the ÖGfMM),
  • Michael Peschka (Vice President of the ÖGfMM),
  • Coretta Kurth (Head of the Department of Music Physiology at mdw) 
  • Gerda Müller (Vice Rector and Head of the Steering Group Arts and Health at mdw)

Please send inquiries to OeGfMM@gmx.at